Jobstanzania.Net - Redefines online recruitment in Tanzania

The Tanzanian Internet ecosystem is filled with scores of recruitment boards. Among the scores of job websites, stands out. Launched about nine years ago, the site has helped redefine the online recruitment space in Tanzania by bringing in a high level of professionalism with a strong focus on branding that other sites previously overlooked.


We caught up with the site’s founder, Mr. Ally and asked some questions about what makes the site tick.

Recruitment is an age old problem for employers and you are helping them to solve that. Tell us how registering with can help employers find better employees?

Our mission is to help job seekers and recruiters in Tanzania to connect. I created Jobstanzania to bridge the gap between opportunity and talent, creating a marketplace where job seekers and employers in Tanzania can find one another quickly, easily, and cost-effectively

For employers to register with Jobstanzania it will be a great advantage to them as we provide them with an access of reaching thousands of jobseekers who visit our website on daily basis.

There are so many job search websites in Tanzania, don’t you think this is a challenging sector to venture into?

Well, I created Jobstanzania in 2009, by then there were just 3 job search websites, now we have more than 30 job search websites out there but that’s good as i believe competition helps to improve our services and think outside the box.

Sometimes its challenging as most of the newbies are not creative, they just copy and paste what we struggle to create. But it’s quality and creativity that makes jobstanzania the number 1 jobs website so far apart from our main competitor “zoomtanzania” who are dealing with various niches.

How difficult has it been to convince employers to try your online recruitment platform? What has been their feedback?

Most of the employers are not aware of the advantages of advertising into online platforms, as well as the government policy which dictates the companies to advertise on printed magazines.

It’s a challenge as companies are afraid to use our platforms instead they use the prints which is a mandatory according to the Laws of the united republic of Tanzania. Although these days things are changing a little bit, some of the companies are starting to use the internet as many of the candidates can easily access the internet than purchasing the prints.

In summary what should we expect from

Jobstanzania is now focusing on expanding its services to give recruiters and jobseekers a wide range of options; our goal is to turn our site into a database system that will allow candidates to submit their CV’s and recruiters can select candidates from a pool of CV’s.Also we are looking forward to engage into the message alert system in the near future.

On a personal note, what is your view of our current web industry and the future?

Our current online presence is quite impressing as compared to 4 years back, we have more online startups than before; this means there is a huge opportunity in this industry in Tanzania and i believe we will have a great future as the technology evolves.

I’m disappointed though with the current trend of the rapid increase in blogs which are not creative, with no plans or strategies but a copy and paste business with the aim of earning easy money.

I believe a Good business should start with a Goal of providing a service and money will follow after.

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