How Entrepreneurs in Africa can Leverage Blockchain Technology

Have you ever questioned why the word blockchain is garnering all the attention? With digitisation taking the globe by storm, it's no surprise however basic commerce functions have evolved from the barter system to it of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. we have a tendency to area unit at associate exciting purpose nowadays whereby technology and additional technology is disrupting each sphere of life.

 Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a decentralized digital ledger that keeps immutable records of transactions. It maintains a network of computers working together as well as independently, to keep and verify records in such a way that once a record has been written and accepted by all the computers in the network, it cannot be altered. It, therefore, provides a means to record, certify, and transfer assets without needing to rely on a bank, or other middlemen. The use of blockchain technology continues to make headlines for its use in the deployment of digital currencies such as bitcoin. 

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