NALA — The smartest way to make payments with no internet required

NALA Digital Money App - The smartest way to make payments in Tanzania

Need to make mobile money transaction and your in Tanzania - there is no doubt that NALA mobile app will be your preferred choice to use. If your in Tanzania and you own a smartphone and NALA app is not in your device then you're missing a lot. 

I believe there are people who don't know about NALA. Well, I will tell you everything about this great innovation and how it will be useful to your day to day mobile money transactions in Tanzania and the best part of this app is that it's compatible with all Mobile Money Operators in Tanzania 

What is NALA?

NALA is a simplified mobile money application that allows you to make faster, smarter and safer transactions without an internet connection. 

cool eeh..!!

Believe me when i say, with NALA, you can withdraw cash from and mobile money vendors very fast, send money, buy bundles, pay bills, to make purchases and monitor all your transactions with no internet required and without additional charges.

There are no service charges for using NALA. 

NALA is FREE, however regular service charges from your mobile money network still apply.

Currently NALA has more than 50,000+ people using the app in their day to day mobile money transactions.

Why you should use NALA to make Payments

Lets get back to the main reason why i decided to write a review about this app. After a few months of using NALA in my day to day transaction. I have released the potential of this great innovation and in this post, I will tell you few of the great things about NALA as follows;

1. Simple and User friendly

The app design is very unique and its usability is user friendly. Any one can use NALA as the app is very easy to use. Its menu guides you to all key things every mobile money users are using eveyday while making their transactions. 

The bottom line about the NALA app is that it’s simply easy to use.

NALA Interface
NALA Interface

2.  NALA works Offline

The best part of this app is that it works completely offline and supports all mobile money operators such as Airtel, Halotel, tiGO, TTCL,Vodacom and Zantel.

I can say that building a great app like NALA without relying on an internet connection is one hell of a great innovation.

Even people in areas with no access to internet in rural areas will have wider access to mobile money payments all thanks to NALA.

No internet, No Problem. NALA allows you to make transactions offline without an internet connection. 

3. Keeping records and transaction history.

The app keeps records of your transactions and saves your bills payment for easy use as short cut for future transactions. Transaction history feature is quite impressive as it helps users to tract their expenses and how they spend their money each and every day.

4. Customer service.

There is no doubt that NALA is doing doing a lot to ensure their users receives a great support and guidance in using the app. For all the support from the mobile app Mama NALA is there to help through a chat via Whatsapp. 

In my opinion this feature wont be very helpful to users with no access to Internet as Mama NALA support is provided via Whatsapp where the app needs internet access to work.

5. Security

With NALA security is a priority and this is one of the best part about this app. There are more than one security measures to help protect your account information. The app uses Bank Grade security encryption standards, all transactions done through NALA must be verified using your mobile money pin directly through your telecom's encrypted network and this data are never stored by NALA.

Who is behind NALA

Benjamin Fernandes is the person behind the success of NALA. He founded NALA during his first year of studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business with the goal to build the next layer of inclusive finance in Africa. 

According to Fernandes, there is NALA Co-founder named Sam

NALA has won numerous awards and fintech competitions including:  Ecobank Fintech Challenge (read about it here) and  Seedstars Tanzania (read about it here)

Also NALA has received investment of $50,000 from DFS Lab, the fintech accelerator funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the aim of building financial service products for low-income and unbanked consumers in developing markets. (read about it here)

All in all, NALA is one of the great app and is helping a lot of Tanzanian mobile users in simplifying their transactions easily and fast. There is no doubt that NALA is the smartest way to make payments in Tanzania with no internet required

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